Zoshia Lowndes

Zoshia Lowndes

COURSE: Fashion Business & Promotion 2018


Music Icons: Status, Style & Subcultures

"When two art forms collide, they can create history, hysteria, and a whole new class of creation."

"Music and fashion have been two art forms where collision has created a new phenomenon.”

A recent graduate in Fashion Business & Promotion looking to begin a career in the Buying Industry; a strong business-minded individual with a versatile skill set, including trend forecasting, trend direction, consumer analysis, critical paths, and technological programs.

The dissertation, 'Music Icons: Status, Style & Subcultures' explores the influence of musicians on the fashion industry, as well as subcultures. It aimed to determine exactly how influential these characters are, as well as identifying the marketing techniques that have been adopted over time in order to help fuel their influence.

The findings throughout the dissertation showed that although music and fashion are cohesive forms of art, and influence one another massively, subcultures arose with many other factors. These factors include, class appropriation, politics, the economy and even other subcultures. Additionally, as social media is now an integral part of society, it is important to recognise how current music icons are using technological advances and other approaches to drive the fashion industry and their own images forward. It was found that current musicians utilise technology for their own branding, and to capitalise on their own identity. Although this may suggest that these musicians have come further than those of the past as they have become the designers themselves, rather than just inspiring fans, further research demonstrated that this has resulted in a more conformist society, and these musicians no longer inspire immense societal changes. This is a vital factor in why the prevalence of subcultures has become diminished over the years; however, it is important to note that other factors, such as the rise of fast fashion and eclecticism has also been the cause of the fall in subcultures.

Finally, due to the findings within this dissertation, this resulted in the creation of a range plan based on the Punk subculture.