Zongda Hong

Zongda Hong

COURSE: Fashion Business & Promotion 2018



“Share your voice to the world” —— Zongda Hong

Alice's value is providing Chinese consumers with a high-end UGC sharing community and e-commerce combined online platform, and provides international fashion brands with an opportunity to directly contact Chinese consumers.

As a graduate of Fashion Business & Promotion, I have a comprehensive understanding of the fashion industry and know how to conduct visual marketing, trend analysis and innovation industry. This course provided me with experience and knowledge in the fashion industry, through the help of industry professionals and teachers, helped me have a unique knowledge system.

My Final Major Project is about how to improve the online shopping experience of Chinese customers and how to develop the Chinese online fashion retail market. The main target consumer group is China's millennial, represented by the Post-90s group. Through this project, I gained better time management and innovation capabilities, and improved my understanding of the Chinese fashion industry.

The lack of trust is a major problem in the Chinese online fashion retail market. The identity of Alice was inspired by the world’s most lonely whales. Chinese, online retail market lacks trust. Alice will use warmth, personality, vitality elements to attract young Chinese consumers and provide the Chinese market with a trust platform.The emergence of Alice has solved this problem and increased the communication between users, allowing users to help users become Alice's business logic.

Alice's goal is to provide China with the best fashion content service APP, the use of VR technology, the perfect combination of UGC platform and e-commerce, and ultimately to develop the Chinese online fashion industry, to become Asia's leading online fashion APP brand.