Zoe Serfaty

Zoe Serfaty




"To understand the basic principle of experience is to understand that the actual experience arises from the marketing behind it." (Pine, 2017)

I am a graduate in BA (Hons) Fashion Business and Promotion seeking to work in International Business and Marketing. This aspiration originates from my upbringing. I was born in Glasgow, Scotland, and grew up in Toulouse, France. I am fully bilingual in French and English with conversational Spanish. University has sharpened my organisation and time management skills with written reports, group work and oral presentations. Alongside my degree, my part-time job has taught me leadership and communication skills through daily tasks and targets to achieve.

The dissertation titled “Experience Economy”, was an attempt to demonstrate “why Millennials’ buying behaviours are changing, how these changes are influencing the experience economy and why this is leading to disruption within the retail sector.” This interdependent research required primary and secondary sources to gain quantitative and qualitative data. Primary research methods included interviews with industry experts, focus groups and a questionnaire/survey.
It concluded that if retailers ignore the unique demands of their consumers, it will lead to their collapse. Whereas with the implementation of a new retail strategy, that incorporates innovative concepts (such as the integration of novel technologies within stores) retailers can ensure satisfaction among the millennial generation.

Following on from my dissertation, I investigated the rise of emotional education and the continuous growth of travel and tourism including the demand for experiential marketing. This investigation demonstrated that the mobile application sector, was valued at $1.5b in 2018 (Mintel, 2019). It highlighted that the Travel and Tourism mobile application sector was the 5th most downloaded application genre in 2018 (Mintel, 2019) and that the Augmented Reality mobile application sector was forecasted to be worth $40 billion by 2020 (MarketLine, 2018). This combined research drove the creation of an innovative concept for Topshop consisting of an interactive marketing campaign. The proposed concept is an omnichannel experience incorporating travel, augmented reality and fashion.

“Topshop Does London” consists of an extension featured within the Topshop mobile application. It acts as a map of the city of London with a visual treasure hunt consisting of 6 stops. Individuals take a personality style quiz to define what fashion style suits them most to be paired with a brand ambassador.
The consumers will be asked to post pictures of themselves at each location to earn points. Between each stop, a notification will appear within an area with the augmented reality feature. When scanning the augmented reality, an outfit suggestion will appear.
Once arrived at the final destination of the hunt - the Topshop store - consumers will have outfits in their online basket, and, will have accumulated points which will turn into a discount off their purchase.

A business plan, marketing visuals, a mobile application, merchandise and a photo shoot were produced for this project with assistance from collaborators.