Zoe Olivia McCarthy

Zoe Olivia McCarthy

COURSE: Fashion Business & Promotion 2020


“An individual’s visual language”

“Think like a publisher, not a marketer.”

I am a Fashion Business and Promotion (BA Hons) graduate from Birmingham City University. As I am particularly interested in pursuing a career in marketing throughout my final year at university, my work has been tailored around contemporary drivers and issues which may have future implications for specific fashion sectors. With careful analysis of changing attitudes and consumer influences upon the marketing industry.


An extensive study was conducted through dissertation research which concluded that there was a growing opportunity for women to penetrate the streetwear market. Through exploration of current brands marketing strategies, it was anticipated that male consumers often wear streetwear as a form of validation and a vision of their own masculinity. Further research provided an insight into who would purchase from brands specifically run by women and how incorporating gender fluidity may have positive repercussions for a brands image and sales.

Final major project:

Subsequent to the dissertation research on the streetwear market and gender, a brand extension for Tommy Hilfiger was hypothetically formed; Sensory. Sensory is a contemporary, genderless and interactive childrenswear range which incorporates smart textiles into its garments to increase safety. This S/S 21 collection uses thermochromic ink's to indicate when a child is over the recommended temperature or has received too much UV exposure. A detailed 12-month marketing plan was formed alongside buying cost sheets and cash flow forecasting.


During my second year on the course, I did a four-month placement at the Birmingham based fast fashion brand; Hidden Fashion. During my time at this brand, I did the visual merchandising and influencer outreach, this was very hands on and hard-working. This gave me a real insight into the role and what to expect if I did want to pursue it. Alongside these roles, I managed regular photo shoots which required excellent organisational skills and time management.

Aside from my degree, I have built upon my interest in this field in a number of ways. Working as the social media executive at Hidden Fashion has given me a excellent understanding going into the industry and the key software’s which are used such as Shopify and Hoote Suite. During the COVID-19 pandemic, community management was crucial to ensure customer satisfaction was maintained with an increase in issues such as; late deliveries, missing parcels, influencer marketing and items out of stock.