Zoe Jayne Bird

Zoe Jayne Bird

Zoe Jayne Bird

COURSE: Fashion Business & Promotion 2020


a Little Inquisitive

"Never help a child with a task at which he feels he can succeed." – Maria Montessori

Enthusiastic BA Hons Fashion Business and Promotion Graduate, currently seeking a role as a babywear buyer, holding a strong interest for child development in terms of education, growth and lifestyle.

Modules as part of the final year at University, provided opportunity to explore interests such as; alternative education within early years as well as education around sustainability within young adults.


The creation of an innovative subscription service for children aged 3-6, exhibited a reflection of alternative education discussed as part of the major project.
A Little Inquisitive, inspired by the concept of freedom amongst children, inspires parents to practice alternative learning methods within the home, with the long-term outcome of encouraging educators to consider alternative approaches within the national curriculum.
The founding aspects of desk and field research included; a documentary, short films and curriculum guidelines from the EYFS. These aspects established the grounds of the main investigation into creating changes within National curriculum.

MAJOR PROJECT (Right-hand images)

Prior to the creation of a Little Inquisitive, educational changes within Generation Z were investigated, around the subject of fast fashion.
The depth of knowledge amongst Generation Z, indicates that although teenagers hold understanding of the environmental crisis, there are still advances in education around how fast fashion affects climate issues.
By developing a number of self-guided objectives the investigation remained structured and steered the direction of the major-project. Utilising the objectives evidenced my ability to produce an independent project and construct work ahead of my future career.


A journey which enabled me to discover my passion for babywear within the buying sector, commenced by taking on the role of a buyers admin assistant during a two week placement at Tu. The environment allowed me to understand the roles and responsibilities of working within the industry, developing both hard and soft professional skills, including dependability for individual tasks such as; raising and amending orders ahead of the A/W season. My involvement within the Monday meeting, allowed me to develop knowledge around consumer trends and purchasing habits and practice data analysis.