Zoe Cocking

Zoe Cocking

COURSE: Fashion Business & Promotion 2018


Bespoke Beauty

Final Major Project

Completing three years at Birmingham City University has left me with a diverse set of skills and knowledge in different sectors of the industry. I applied these skills and the knowledge I developed in third year to create a in-depth dissertation and a Final Major Project which will aid me when I take the first step in my career and into the industry . Focusing my projects in the social media/marketing divisions with in beauty has meant I have been able to expand my knowledge and am now confident in taking a job within my chosen field.

This dissertation has allowed me to explore into the effects of social media and Generation Z as well as into the beauty industry for my Final Major Project. In this I came up with the concept of 'personalised beauty' products which allows the consumer to completely personalise their desired cosmetics. In depth research highlighted that there was a gap in the market for this concept and so using this along with the idea to collaborate with Harvey Nicholls meant a brand new initiative was created.

The business plan highlights and justifies why the concept is something that is needed in the beauty market by using consumer analysis and market analysis to see what there is on offer already.

The business plan outlined the concept of Harvey Nichols’ own brand of personalised beauty products. The new brand within Harvey Nichols will be called ‘Bespoke Beauty’ and it will be launched into all of the Harvey Nichols stores. The new range will consist of 3 core products, Foundation, Lipstick and Eyeshadow. These will be made in house on a ‘made to order’ basis using the Raw Materials held in store. There will be highly trained staff to both advise and create the product to the customers’ requirements.

In addition to the business plan, there was a 12 month marketing strategy and a 12 month financial plan for the business. Marketing strategies for the brand included mock up website adverts, instagram posts and billboard campaigns.