Zmina Hawthorne

Zmina Hawthorne




“Rick Owens, Raf Simons, Boy, she got it by the stock / she ball until she fall, that means she shop 'til she drop.” (Mayers, 2013)

In my final year of study, I decided to focus on the subject of streetwear and the hype culture around it that is associated with Millennial/Post Millennial generations. ‘What’s The Hype: An investigation into the link between streetwear and consumer culture, and the impacts of its presence on both the Millennial and Post Millennial generation’ is an in-depth range of primary research, theories and historical references to the idea of the hypebeast and how the effect of streetwear ‘drops’ will encourage the people of Generation X and Z to buy into just about anything, streetwear wise. This collection of research allowed the development and spark of my idea for FMP (Final Major Project).

Alquiler (or ‘rental’ in Spanish) is a hypothetical concept for a (luxury) streetwear fashion rental marketplace based on a mobile application interface which would be available to download from the Apple App Store and Google Play Store. To visualise this concept, an Adobe XD prototype was created to demonstrate the process of operations throughout the application along with various marketing visuals. The concept of Alquiler was also validated through a 3,000-word business plan which explained the apps premise, brand values, and objectives for the first twelve months of business. Core consumers (Renter/Rentee and Fashion Creative) are also identified – and their terminal and instrumental values. The plan then deciphers Alquiler’s unique selling point, process of operations & twelve-month growth strategy.

Recently graduating BA (Hons) Fashion Business & Promotion, I have a genuine passion and enthusiasm to swiftly move into the creative PR, Marketing and Branding career path. My time at Birmingham City University has allowed me to add to a large list of creative skill sets with the extensive use of the Adobe CC (Creative Cloud) package and SketchUp for example. The process of visual and digital research analysis has allowed my skills to flourish over the past three years whilst studying, as well as this, my external experiences have also shaped my ability to create final pieces and complete set tasks to the highest standard. Upon graduating from Birmingham City University, I will take away an array of innovative attributes such as: cross sector analysis, trend awareness, as well as the ability to adapt to complete any task at hand.