Zijun Weng

Zijun Weng

COURSE: Fashion Business & Promotion 2021


I graduated from Birmingham City University and majored in Fashion Business and Promotion. In China's fashion industry, professionals with international background are in short supply. I have been trained and educated thoroughly. And I believe I have the knowledge and ability to overcome the challenges in the future. I want to engage in industry and make contributions to the development of China’s fashion industry.

Independent Final Project

In this course, I illustrated that, in Shanghai, Burberry will launch a pop-up store where animals and people can live together with equality and mutual respect in the future. The pop-up store needs operational plan, Go-to-market strategy, promotion strategy and profitability calculation. I provided the business plan and promotional video for the project.

Major Project

With this project, Li Ning, Septwolves and Peace Bird follow basically similar marketing strategies -- increasing the allocation of resources to e-commerce and online marketing activities, a strategy that is well suited to the shift of consumer attention to online channels. The researchers also made recommendations for future research and for other fashion brands that are still grappling with the challenges of the epidemic.

Marketing and Public Relations

This project is a partnership which New Balance works with a charity that specializes in helping people with leukemia. The project requires bothpublic relations and marketing skills. We then further developed our persuasion, sales, segmentation and cross-market communication skills. We developed and implemented marketing and public relations strategies using theory and innovative thinking. I prepared a report and a promotional video for this project.

As to my career plan, I plan to work for a luxury brand, where I can accumulate working experience and gain in-depth understanding of business models within the industry. Afterwards, I may start building my own business. I am certain that a well-developed brand can help me realise my career ambition because it can provide me the chance to develop my creative thinking, buyer and business management skills while gaining a comprehensive understanding of today’s fashion world. More importantly, I will learn from scholars with abundant professional experience, and from external practitioners who bring different perspectives on current sector practices and issues.

Last but not the least, I thank you for your time and consideration, and I am looking forward to joining your community soon.