Zifan Tian

Zifan Tian

COURSE: Fashion 2020


Design Menswear 2020


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As we all grow up on this planet, My inspiration is come from one of my
thought:Dont wanna be a human being, that makes me start thinking about
why I would have this idea in my mind and keep rolling just cannot stop
thinking about it.
one reason is because In my opinion,human being is the most complex creatures in
the world and as a mankind, a lot of burden have being  put on the shoulder and lots
of pressure from society as well.which will bring people some mental problem under
the stress either.
As a person who had the mental illness before,i become aware of that a lot of people
nowadays is having the mental problems and most of them still feel shameful
on these kind of illnesess.especially in china.
So for my collection,i wanna make people be aware of mental illness and face
themselves directly,be strong and confidence to conquer it  which is also
nothing to shame about.