Zhijun Guo

Zhijun Guo

COURSE: Fashion Business & Promotion 2017


TITLE: Live, Love, Laugh Wedding Planner


"Leftover" women becomes one of the Government Top priority in China, They are suffering with pressure and judgment from parents and society leaving them eager to be understood.
"Leftover" women should be proud of themselves, they work hard, have ambition, financial independent. They don't want to be marry because of marry, they enjoy being single, marry is not a competition, they want to marry for true love. Live. Love, Laugh wedding planner is a brand will stand up for these women to give them confident and reinsurance what they insist.
For the competition moddle, I started with focus on "Leftover" women as the main consumer and Analysed their high quality lifestyle, strong work ability and financial independence. Based on primary and secondary research of customer’s behaviour, I come to the conclusion that they are the potential premier consumers in China. With acknowledging the current Chinese market as well as the increased spending ability, the premier market will be the main trend in China.

With an old traditional culture influence, suggesting that women need to be married before 25, many women after 25 become labelled “Left over”, but from my research it can be seen that these women have their own ambition and don't want to give up on what they believe. They are suffering with pressure and judgment from parents as well as society, leaving them eager to be understood.

In my Final Major Project still connected with “Left Over” women, I created a Wedding planner website named "Live, Laugh, Love". A brand that will stand up for "Leftover" women to encourage them marry for true love as well as providing reassurance to make them stand by their beliefs. Along side this, parents are a main consumer also with the aim to branch into a new photography service market. Collaboration with current wedding planner companies and professional photographers will assist this further. The 1 year financial plan of this business helped develop my commercial experience, time management and organisation.

After these three years through all the modules I have learned the knowledge of events management, visual merchandising, market analysis, starting a business, financial planning, advanced computer skills and much more. All these skills have drastically increased my confidence and have gradually assisted me with what I want to be, and do, in the future. Wedding planner has always been my dream job but now I am actually understanding how to make it a reality. The Self Promotion Project helped me design my CV to look more professional and the Pecha Kucha is the summary of my past three years; the work experience that I have, what I learned from University, and what I want to do in my future. All of these have pointed me in the right direction to further my future career.

LIVE LOVE LAUGH wedding planning will turn all dream weddings into reality, I will turn my dream job into reality as well.

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