Zhijie Zhang

Zhijie Zhang



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Sharing Economic//Rental Platform//Fashion Life

"Fashion is the armor to survive the reality of everyday life." —Bill Cunningham

Year1 Digital Marketing,Branding and PR
The report contains the research and analysis of the fashion brand Uniqlo.
In this report I have analysed their brand image and marketing strategy, studied consumers and competitors and developed a 12-month time marketing plan and digital marketing and PR strategy.

Year2 Visual Merchandising and Sales Development
My group collaborated and discussed with Selfridge’s cooperation project team. We used Sketchup software to design a space and showroom for a stylish visual touch.

Year3 Final Major Project
Based on the topic of the dissertation, I have created and developed my own business plan and project design. Through the internship experience, I have discussed the hot topic of China's latest shared economic system and created a new comprehensive sharing and rental platform for China's millennial consumer groups.
In addition, I have produced a detailed business plan detailing the target market, unique selling point, competitor analysis, and predicting a 12-month financial report plan to prove the development of the new business. I have rationalized and discussed the project plan with friends and mentors in related industries, and combined various Adobe software skills learned in the past to design the project logo and the video model of the application to convey visual effects.

Finally, I am graduate student from Birmingham City University with a degree in (BA) fashion business and promotion,
Throughout the three years of study, I have gained the skills and understanding of the fashion industry. In the future, my career path is leading towards the international fashion retail or public relations field.
In the second year of university, the school also provided practical advice and resources for organizing and managing activities. Practical skills are essential for future employment. One of the events, ‘kindhearted’ was held to donate funds raised by the event to St Basil's charity to help the homeless in the UK. It was a meaningful event organization and I learned the ability to work together and solve problems.
Overall, I have not only learned the required knowledge and practices work for a career in the fashion industry, but I have also gained the skills to use Adobe software to better communicate fashion visual methods.