Zahra Morrison

Zahra Morrison

COURSE: Fashion Business & Promotion 2018



"Do what you love and they'll love what you do"

Fashion and business are both two key interests of mine and attending Birmingham City University has allowed me to advance in my creativity skills as well as gain business knowledge about industry. I enjoy using apps such as InDesign and Photoshop to enhance my visuals, alongside writing about topics that are current and of general interest.

During my final year at university, I put a focus on subjects which I found relatable and of relevance. As I am passionate about self-expression, for my final major project I decided to make a social media platform “Untapped” in which would connect graduates and push creativeness when making professional connections. The brand aims to represent the exciting possibilities of what people can do when they have a visually creative interest but may also want to challenge the norms within the creative industry, such as social and political issues. As well as this Untapped aims to inspire readers to be brave and follow their own creative passions.

What attracted me into this aim was my dissertation project "Black Lives Matter and Racial Inequality. How it has influenced and effected people of the fashion industry, Millennials and Gen Z". Reason for this is that many people in this topic used their fashion skills and abilities to promote such an important issue.

During these assignments I made the decision to start a career in digital marketing once I have left university. The reason I chose this sector was because I would be able to work within a creative environment, think objectively as well as have insight into all the social aspects involved. In addition, there are many niche areas within the digital marketing world along with endless opportunities of progression.