Zacharia Hopkins

Zacharia Hopkins

COURSE: Fashion Business & Promotion 2018


JAKU Company

"If you get up in the morning and think the future is going to be better, it is a bright day. Otherwise, it's not." ELON MUSK

Zacharia is an aspiring and forward-thinking creative that has tailored his final year at University towards the marketing and buying sector. He has approached each project with a unique and an inventive approach, aiming to create a visual identity unlike anywhere else.

The creation of Zacharia’s Final Major Project saw him collaborate with a group of creatives from outside of the University, working with two graphic designers and an electronic musician to curate an original brand identity for JAKU, an innovation company focusing on bettering consumers lives. JAKU’s first product was a highly functional smart-jacket that had the ability to monitor wearers heart-rates, displaying statistics such as steps taken, miles travelled and calories burnt on the smartphone app.

Zacharia dived deep into the archive for the completion of his Dissertation, titled ‘Japan: Post-Fashion,’ an investigation that saw him analyse the success of Japanese greats during the 1980s. through extensive primary and secondary research on the history of Japanese fashion design, why the Western World was so enticed to Japanese designers, Japanese consumer habits, what the future has in store for Japanese designers as well as detailed recommendations heading forward. This in-depth analysis into the history of the Luxury sector gave Zacharia a deeper understanding of how design and consumer habits work, inside and outside of the UK.

Outside of University work, Zacharia has been involved in the making of MAT_ER Magazine, a publication funded by the University. Zacharia was hand-selected alongside one other student to create the magazine. The team has since grown to 7 members, collaborating with Turner Prize winners, worldwide renowned photographers, fashion designers and videographers. This project has enabled him to create a network of creative professionals willing to collaborate with him to curate something special. Collaboration has been a key part in Zacharia’s time in University, creating a well rounded & easy to work with graduate.