yuting wang

yuting wang

COURSE: Fashion Business & Promotion 2020


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The texts I uploaded is my research and final year project, mentioning the popularity of pop-up store and vintage products respectively. The pop-up store is a way for many brands to increase brand exposure and have direct contact with consumers since the 21st century. It has the characteristics of limited time, diversified methods, and high discussion of topic. It is an important part of the branding strategy. This approach is based on experience marketing and emphasizes the importance of customer engagement. Among them, the role of social networks and communities in this marketing method is significant. Through online and offline interactions, users will have an emotional connection with the brand, thereby establishing a benign brand community and helping the brand extend its life cycle. According to research in this area, I have strengthened experience marketing in the business plan, and enhanced user interaction through the design of physical stores and limited-time layout and activities. At the same time, the launch of influencers and the brand story on social networks will allow more customers to come into contact with the concept of vintage. For this particular fashion field, service and authenticity are the most attractive to customers. The combination of theory and fieldwork has given me a deeper understanding of recent trends in the fashion industry.

These two texts prove that in the fashion industry, customer and service are the core. In the digital era, both technology and creativity serve to attract customers. Therefore, the business unit that can directly communicate with the customer is the direction I want to work. Due to the epidemic situation, many fashion brands have encountered an unprecedented crisis. In the future, the trend of de-globalization will make many brands change their development strategies. In China, I think that experience is the most important factor to maintain the emotional connection of users, so events, especially pop-up store events with limited time and quantity are still very marketable. In addition, digital media is also the direction I want to develop, because offline experience must be combined with online publicity.
yuting wang