yuning wu

yuning wu

COURSE: Fashion 2020


Design Womenswear 2020



About Project

Gentle Feminist

This project was started with the research about 3 feminist installation artists. Kris Lemsalu, Genesis Blannger, and Sarah Lucas. In the artworks of Lemsalu, she combines animals and humans, nature, and culture. Her works are made up of hand-made materials, including animal furs. Sarah Lucas's work is a common piece of furniture and reading that is common in everyday life. Genesis Belanger's work is simple, witty, grotesque, and surreal. The materials used by Lemsalu and Sarah inspired me that use fabrics and ropes as my common materials. Created different textures by splicing, splitting, and other methods and consider how to integrate them into a piece of clothing.
In addition, Sarah's series of portraits show a tough and rude gesture, masculine but feminine, which is suitable for the development of the face and the design sketch.
I extracted the colors I like from the work of Genesis Belanger as the main colors in my collection and combined with Lemsalu's work to create interesting fabric patterns.