Yulei Tai

Yulei Tai

COURSE: Fashion Business & Promotion 2017




“Snail Denim is always a good idea for girls, because it is always evolving and keeping sustainable development concept.”
“Why Snail makes choice the denim for particular product, because denim is timeless legend. “
I am currently a Year 3 student studying Birmingham City University of Fashion Business and Promotion faculty. I make a new innovated and sustainable denim brand Snail for Chinese young girls in the final major project of the final year course that includes the business plan, marketing outcomes and brand design of Snail brand.

Snail will make research of the target customers and competitors for creating the distinctive design with appropriate price for satisfying with fashion pursuit of Chinese young girls. Otherwise, Snail will make analysis of pestle effect, so that it implement the recycling denim plan and up cycling design for reducing textile waste and keeping sustainable development. Until completing the analysis of the brand research, Snail will make the launch plan and timeline. Furthermore, it will make financial strategy for ensuring the low risk development and look forward to the future prospect

Marketing outcomes and branding design can provide the customers a visual merchandising for introducing the style of the brand. In the marketing outcomes, it will include Snail 2018 S/S collection with slow future trend and denim colour inspiration. Nevertheless, it gives a contemporary and playful online website and physical store outlook. Furthermore, the Snail makes design on the Webo, Instagram and poster for promoting the brand and the recycling denim concept. Snail makes the brand style guides, business card, label and package with contemporary and distinctive design in the brand design.

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