COURSE: Fashion 2017

Pathway: Design Womenswear 2017

TITLE: Motionlessness and Circulation


The motionless and circulation of the spatial concepts of the universal, which form a still and movement status.
My inspiration lead me to do more research about the 20th century eastern and western word also how the time frozen and the space change in a relationship of still and movement.
My inspiration is from the Chinese history character Pu Yi, He is the last emperor of China. I am specially focus on his live lived in the Forbidden City, where he is trapped inside, however, the western education gave him a good understanding of what happened meanwhile in the outside world. I imaging the time for him is quiet and the part from outside him is blooming. All the comparison of the nature and human motionlessness and Circulation gave me a good idea of how this world works, the interesting part of the contrast gave a good idea of analyst everything with two or more different aspect. The helpless for time changing ignorer us to persue what we want.

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