COURSE: Fashion Business & Promotion 2017




“Chinese traditional clothing and designs are inspired by the idea of unity between “man and nature and kindness”- YIN
Fashion,Tradition,Lifestyle Forever.
As a graduate of Fashion Business and Promotion, I have been able to develop and learn necessary skills about the industry of fashion and retail. The course was designed to equip the students with the necessary knowledge and experience, which allow them to excel in the business of fashion. I was able to learn about how to do the trend analysis, visual merchandising and developing new business ventures in the fashion industry.

The course gave me the much-needed knowledge for my personal and professional development in the business of fashion. By performing the presentation to the industry experts, and gain insightful feedback from the teachers, this allowed me to shape my critical understanding of the industry. For instance, during my final module, where I performed two projects concerning the business venture of marketing the ‘Traditional Chinese arts and design’ and bring them to the realm of the 21st century. From the initial presentation of the final project, I am confident to say that it helped me to develop on fundamental knowledge and experience, that can foster my ability to start a new business.

The final project was based on the development of a retail business based on the idea of fusion between Chinese arts and design and the western fashion. The primary target audience was the millennials residing in the urban cities of the UK and Europe. My experience of doing these projects was insightful, challenging and intriguing. For instance, by doing this project, I not only polished my creative and innovative abilities but also been able to gain new information and knowledge about the realm of business. By the help of my supervisor, I was able to think about the commercial aspects of the ventures, such as key financial and marketing issues. I learned that innovation is one thing, but the aspect of financial and marketing management is highly critical for its success. Moreover, I was also for the first time was able to work with the professional visual merchandising, promotional materials and photo shoot. I am confident to say that these lessons and knowledge gained are going to be imperative for my personal and professional grooming in the business of fashion and retail management. As I learned that businesses are made for making money. The development of good business will ensure that you will make sustainable growth and revenue.

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