Yasmine Belhassan

Yasmine Belhassan

COURSE: Fashion 2020


Design Womenswear 2020



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The world is full of narrow-minded people that see cultural differences as a conflict of interest, as someone that has experienced two completely different sides of the cultural spectrum. I believe if more people were willing to expose themselves to other cultures that they are not familiar with, we could have a lot more peace in the world.
My story has two sides, my ethnicity is split between Moroccan & English.
Finding the right balance between these two cultures has been an ongoing part of my life.
Therefore, in my research, I have explored a variety of primary and secondary resources such as:
Old family photographs (parents/ grandparents, auntie/uncles) Moroccan & English.
Interior Decor (Moroccan tiles / Islamic Art & English Wallpaper ' William Morris')
The architecture of council estate houses around Telford, England.
Traditions ( Weddings/clothing/gatherings)
1950's photography of Rabat & Telford ( Rabat my birthplace/ Telford my home town).