Yasmin Cain

Yasmin Cain

COURSE: Fashion Business & Promotion 2016


TITLE: Virtual Manity

The menswear market is growing at an extraordinary rate and becoming an increasingly visible part of the fashion industry.
VM is almost a grand offering of gestures, marketing an experience male shoppers have never seen before.
I am a BA (Hons) Fashion, Business and Promotion Student at Birmingham City University, with strong ambitions in Marketing and Styling. Collaborating with artists through Reddson: Combined minds, has involved me in styling, photographing and directing marketing videos to create promotional material for independent brands in Birmingham.

I have recently developed a business plan, website and marketing, product and branding package for my Final Major Project. Prior to this I undertook an in-depth investigation into the social aspects of men’s shopping behaviour and the implications for the future of premium menswear retail. I am becoming increasingly aware of the menswear market and technology industry.

With technology trends evolving, retailers need to provide a wide range of attractions, almost a grand offering of gestures to market an experience male shoppers have never seen. As retailers and marketers look to follow the customer, the next major destination is virtual reality. Virtual Manity (VM) uses VR to immerse its consumer, using gaming as a marketing technique to drive males in store. Entertaining VR content and engaging users will be key, appealing to the younger connected consumer. The future looks good for technological advancement and is essential for VM to run smoothly.

For the future male consumer digital life means technology is fixed to their existence. Retailers need to implement this into the way fashion is consumed, for them to compete and even be successful in the future of fashion and retail. VM aims to do exactly that, to create the new age of retail.

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