xinyin shi

xinyin shi

COURSE: Fashion 2020


Design Womenswear 2020



First project “Strange connection”

Second project “ Memories tickets”

“Strange connection”
The human body is the most complicated machine and art, and artists are happy to explain this mysterious beauty from different angles and different ways. In this project, I studied some works by Jenna Mello Landini and kinetic sculptor Arthur Ganson and learned about the connection between mechanics and art. I want to use different materials to express my mechanical and human connections. This series of designs revolve around this potential connection, which seems to be independent of each other, but also connected in some way.

“ Memories tickets”
Inspired by childhood memories and looking back mentality. Whether it is a weird doll, strange bunny, a sweet ice cream, a lively Carnival, or maybe happy holiday time, are all part of this memory story. Childhood memories often affect a lifetime, and looking back at the child ’s world from an adult ’s perspective becomes more interesting, which can be from multiple angles. A “MEMORY TICKET ” that can go back to childhood, and how many people will choose to accept. This theme is divided into two series of spring and summer and autumn and winter, SS is dominated by cheerful holiday memories, AW is dominated by a strange atmosphere of sadness. The two are connected by embroidery words Tickets.