Xinshi Jiang

Xinshi Jiang

COURSE: Fashion Business & Promotion 2020


A dissertation about crossover collaborations in experiential market and a business concept of a brand-new interactive online shop for SiiZU.

A BA (Hons) Fashion Business and Promotion graduate, aiming to propose interactive marketing solutions to enhance the customer engagement for fashion brands based on a large number of experience market research.

With the development of market economy and the emergence of experience economy, in order to meet the consumer demands which is increasingly diversified, the business model of retail brands is constantly pursuing innovation. For the sake of cater to this, more and more experiential stores, pop-up stores, exhibitions etc. enter the retail market, especially in the fashion industry. Therefore, this proposes many questions as to how to strengthen brand positioning through crossover collaboration instead of confusing brand awareness and how to further improve the customer experience, rather than becoming a marketing gimmick.

Conclusion: This study and its extensive literature review reveal that the experiential retail is the future of the fashion industry, and the fashion retail market has benefited a lot from such crossover collaborations. The medium of crossover collaborations can be online or physical, but the brands, the fashion industry and the consumers can all benefit from the such collaborations as it results in increase in brand recognition and helps the brands in terms of their profitability and access to the different market segments as well.

The Concept: This is an online fashion store which will be an interactive website opened for SiiZU, which will provide sustainable fashion along with the services like gamification. It will provide consumers with the latest fashion trends and interactive reward attraction session, which will help to capture the attention of the consumers. Hence, it combines the two popular features of under consumption industries, fashion along with gaming.

Moreover, this business will be based on AR application and through this; customers will become able to try their products before purchasing. The whole idea works on the concept of sustainability and innovation hence this gamification application will help this business to do so.