Xara Griffiths

Xara Griffiths

COURSE: Fashion 2016

Pathway: Design Menswear 2016

TITLE: overconsumption / overpopulation / sustainability

I sourced beautiful fabrics made with hemp, bamboo and cork - created with little or no harm to the environment or industry workers.
My intention was to create an ethical, eco-friendly collection.
My Final Major Project started knowing I wanted to try and create an ethical, eco-friendly collection.
My concept developed from three key words. The word sustainability was the first I researched, collecting information on ethical processes and sourcing beautiful fabrics created with no harm to the environment or industry workers. To build on my design work I looked into overconsumption, the way humans are greedy, how we want too much and the effects this has on the earth. Further researching overpopulation which is the root cause of overconsumption. If there was a smaller population in the world, there would be less harm to it. This led me to look at nomads, who lead a minimalistic lifestyle, with very few possessions, being happy with what they do have.
My collection brings together all the elements I discovered through my research, leading me to create as much an eco-friendly and sustainable collection, that I could possibly achieve.

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