COURSE: Fashion Business & Promotion 2020



Plus Size Fashion - Fashion Wardrobe

Beauty is not between a size 0 and a size 8. It's not a number at all - Ellen DeGeners

Following the dissertation research, fashion industry affects the trend in body shape. It is to understand the body shape and the growth of plus size market around Asia. My concept is to create a one-stop comprehensive consumer platform for plus size young women in China. Through this platform plus size consumers can know the latest plus size fashion trend and buy plus size clothing from this platform. There are also plus size influencers who share their daily lives and their plus size outfit.
The outcome of my Independent Final Project included a business plan with the target market and competitor analysis, a cash-flow forecast, a marketing plan and accompanying mock-ups. In addition, I organised meetings and collaborations with plus size influencers and industry experts, which can help me to practice my communication skills.


My dissertation topic was an investigate how fashion industry affects the trend in body shape, negative impact and new emerging future change. I had conducted primary research with my target consumers and questionnaires to better understand plus size market. I had also when to the UK largest plus size fashion festival in Liverpool to do my field research. The dissertation was a 6,000 words booklet, using Adobe to create a professional document. I had also analysed secondary research data and reports from LSN, Mintel etc.


I am a recent graduate Fashion Business and Promotion student from Birmingham City University. Through my 2 years being at BCU, I have learnt an extensive knowledge of business skills relevant to fashion industry. I am also good at using Microsoft Words, PowerPoints, Excel, Adobe InDesign and Photoshop to better deliver my ideas. My modules gave me a better understanding of the business in fashion industry and developing my knowledge of marketing, consumer behaviour, public relation, event management and innovative strategies. Though my work experience, I have established good communication skills and teamwork skill. I can work in small groups or on my own and work well under time constraints. My goal is to work within the marketing and buying sector, it will be able to continually develop my skills and knowledge while providing my ideas and creativity for my future work. 

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