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COURSE: Fashion Business & Promotion 2021



Dolls wardrobe-Dress up game based on Dolls Kill

"Fashion brands are primarily infiltrating gaming as a marketing tool."-Rachael Stott, futures analyst at strategic foresight consultancy the Future Laboratory

While industries such as fashion and retailing have been affected negatively by the COVID-19, the gaming and esports market has positively grown as people are demanded to stay at home. According to Newzoo’s recent report, the global games market will generate revenues of $159.3 billion in 2020. Gaming is also predicted to surpass $200 billion by the end of 2023 (Nikki,G.2020). This is partly due to the emergence of a new generation of gamers who also happened to have a higher spending power compared to older generations. According to Kantar research, almost 90% of Generation-Z are gamers, compared to 59% of the total population. Meanwhile, research estimates a purchasing power of around $44 billion from Generation-Z (Nikki,G,2020). Unsurprisingly, brands outside of the gaming industry now want a slice of the pie, with the fashion industry specificlly seeking the opportunity to target consumers. From gaming-inspired fashion designs, to brands creating their own games – and even a new category of virtual (and shoppable) styling games targeted at fashion consumers.

-Players model characters according to their physical appearance and the details of the face and body can be changed. For example, in the above picture, the modeling of a single nose is divided into five parts in detail, as are the other parts of the face, and the body part players can also adjust the size of the belly, the shape of the legs, the length of the legs and so on. Players can build models according to their needs. Players can also scan their face or body directly with the camera, dollswardrobe can automatically generate 3D character models.
In Dolls wardrobe, users can get in-game credits by doing game quests( (Game missions can be designed as different storylines or simple mini games, etc.) and in-game credits can buy clothes in the virtual mall to dress up virtual characters. When the player clears the mission, he can reward the clothing items that cannot be bought with the in-game credits to enhance the player's stickiness.
-The clothes in the game mall are all made according to the actual size and are divided into different sizes. Players can see the effect of different sizes of the same clothes on the virtual characters, so that they can know the actual effect on themselves. (The premise is that the player builds the character model based on his/her actual situation.)
-Players can choose the color and background of the stickers themselves, and print the virtual characters they have created and the costumes they choose. This service converts online dress-up games to offline dress-up sticker games, attracting customers while satisfying their demand for novelty.

• Dolls Kill is known for featuring kawaii, punk, goth, streetwear and festival fashions. Its audience is non-mainstream customer groups, and Dolls wardrobe can be used as a tool for understanding and experimenting with mainstream groups other than its current audience.
• For customers, it is a novel and relaxing game, and it is also a tool for choosing clothes size conveniently.
• The background data of Dolls Wardrobe can be used as a reference for the production volume of products, which can avoid the waste problem caused by excessive production or the problem of insufficient supply caused by excessive production. It can also help product production quantity planning and and alleviate the phenomenon of "Serial Return".
• Dolls Wardrobe can attract Gen Z customers very accurately and effectively.
• Dolls Wardrobe is a platform that can provide a showcase for brands with unique styles and has great potential for future growth.
• The Dolls Wardrobe game store has links to purchase the same items, which could increase engagement with Dolls Kill and website hits.
• During the epidemic, the bombardment of various brands with online advertising made people tired, Dolls Wardrobe as a game allows people to relax and have fun while advertising and marketing etc. without making people tired.