Wendy Misumi

Wendy Misumi




A Graduate in BA (Hons) Fashion Business and Promotion aspiring for a role in Trends Forecasting. The aspiration stems from wanting to understand how one small influential item or person can change the whole outlook on a year’s season and how that is passed down from high fashion to fast fashion. My experience at university has created further intrigue and solidified my communication and research skill through different projects. I have also gained further insight by going into industry to experience different sectors such as marketing & PR, events and trends forecasting. This has showed me how what we are learning in rolled out into industry and how it changes sector by sector.


‘Emerging technologies and its influence on fashion retail.’ Was an investigation into how new technologies are changing the way we shop. Assessing the effects of the rise in digital technology and e commerce this dissertation is an in-depth research into how technology can boost bricks and mortar. Using Secondary and primary research sources included interviews with industry experts, focus groups, events attending panel.
It was found that there is still a market for bricks and mortar retailing with incorporation of digital technology. This creates a more personalised experience as well as interaction for the customer.


Stemming from research of my dissertation Acquisition was an app created to incorporate digital technology into the retail sector.
Since the development of e commerce shopping instore has taken a hit. But there are new innovations such as Alibaba Taboa concept store.
The concept of Acquisition is something that is a mixture of both digital and online. The app will provide features such as a way to purchase products, this could be from where you are standing instore to be sent for collection for you then to get the items at the end of your shopping experience. Acquisition is an app mainly focused on the millennial consumer. As people being to have a busy lifestyle they forget the joys of shopping instore. The app will Launch in Selfridges Birmingham. Birmingham has over two University and is a cultural city. As the second biggest city in England Birmingham would be a great place to launch as it has people from different walks of life come together to enjoy the offer the bull ring and the city has to give them. Acquisition is like no other as not one competitor has more than one feature that it includes.

From all the research a business plan, working app prototype was created with some help from collaborators.

Wendy Misumi