Vlada Jakovleva

Vlada Jakovleva

COURSE: Fashion Business & Promotion 2018


Real luxury is customization

"45% of Millennial are interested in buying a customised fashion handbag and would pay 20% more for it." - Deloitte, 2015

My career aspiration is to work in luxury fashion business strategy. Throughout my time at university I have touched nearly every aspect of this area from developing a promotional strategy to researching latest trends and identifying market gaps. Furthermore, 2+ years of experience in luxury retail provided me with practical knowledge of this business area.

The above video provides an overview of Shape and Shade – a customisation service that I have developed as a part of the business plan for my final major project at university (video on the left). The business plan focused on the expansion of Mansur Gavriel into the customised handbag market. Extensive market research (both primary and secondary) was undertaken to identify a significant market gap in handbag customisation market. Amongst analysis of key drivers and target consumer, the business plan also included a marketing strategy, as well as a financial forecast for the service. The concept was supported by the CAD package, which included the above video, a Tumblr blog and a Lookbook of customised bags. The Shape and Shade website was designed using Adobe XD, while the actual customised photos of handbags were produced in Photoshop. This project allowed me to demonstrate how I can develop a viable business idea from in-depth research.