Vimbai Mbanje

Vimbai Mbanje

COURSE: Fashion 2020


Fashion Communication 2020



Sonke Hair is all about supporting the natural hair movement. We are dedicated to the elevation of change within society's view when it comes to our afro hair. This zine is dedicated to the many women who have been made to feel inadequate and have been attacked as well as belittled due to our hair textures. Our hair is our crown and our pride and no one can take that away

Since the name Sonke is derived from the notion of togetherness, it’s vital to demonstrate Africa as the central part of that togetherness. It is home and home is always where the heart is. Through Sonke home I want readers to appreciate and celebrate where they come from as well as give them a taste of what they would recognise within their childhood. By doing that , the zine becomes personal and easily relatable for the audience  thus forming a relationship with the publication and all it stands for.

Sonke Big Issue gathers the experiences of black females as they express what the “big issue” with society is to them when it comes to being black. This was a beautiful but emotional opportunity for me myself to personally hear the struggles of my fellow black females and people of colour and make it my responsibility to deliver their thoughts and emotions through this zine without restriction