Viktoriya Tafradzhiyska

Viktoriya Tafradzhiyska

COURSE: Fashion Business & Promotion 2018



"A Diamond is a chunk of coal that did well under pressure"

Doubt kills more dreams than failure ever will

From an early age I had an inherent desire to become a fashion designer. This desire actively inspired me to follow my current career path. I undertook and graduated a Dressmaking and tailoring high school. However, although I gained significant practical knowledge, I still felt somewhat incomplete in terms of the whole fashion industry. This therefore, led me to enroll into the Fashion Design course at Coventry University. Having spent two years enrolled onto this course I realized that the degree program did not nearly meet my expectations nor would provide me with the knowledge that I set out to discover, so I carefully considered engaging into other degree programs out there. Having researched the other courses available, I decided to enroll onto the BCU Fashion Business and Promotion program in the hope that it would develop my understanding of the business aspect of the fashion industry.

Studying at BCU has not only established my core understanding of business practices but has greatly improved my soft skills such as independent thinking, creativity and communication, all which are necessary for achieving my goals. In addition, I have acquired first-hand experience and real-world knowledge of company practices though engaging with my tutors and undertaking an internship at a graphic design company. During my internship the key aspects I was involved in were social media marketing, merchandising an PR. Ultimately, the blend of academic and industrial environments has enabled me to gain a real insight into designing and implementing effective marketing strategies, data analysis and consumer behavior prediction. Considering this I therefore, feel I am making real progression to achieving my ambitions.

The Dissertation made me explore and challenge the established parameters of a subject and demonstrate the relationship between theory and practice. The research evaluate contextual issues from a social, cultural and a historical perspective. Apply research skills and develop an idea to initiate new trend and innovation "Millennials as a new way of living".
Placing some emphasis on professional and personal ambitions.