Victoria Kosinska

Victoria Kosinska

COURSE: Fashion Business & Promotion 2021



“66% of consumers said they are attracted to companies that are transparent about what they do, how they operate and how they treat their employees and customers”- Accenture Survey

Recent events such as Covid-19 and the Black Lives Matter movement have led to a decrease in consumer trust in brands. To regain this trust, brands must be more transparent with their data, especially if they claim to support a cause. Additionally, consumers, especially Generation Z are more likely to be concerned with brand values and stop shopping with a brand if they believe that their views do not align with their own.

Amandla is a premium footwear brand which aims to empower women in the workplace whilst working towards building brand transparency, consumer trust and aiming to increase inclusivity and diversity in corporate environments.

Consumers can see where their item is being made, by who and how much they are being paid. As well as the number of ethnic minority employees in the company, at what levels, and whether they are being paid the same as their white counterparts. The shipping process is also transparent, with consumers being able to receive information about packaging specifications and their nearest recycling centre. The goal of this is to increase lost consumer trust through brand transparency.

Amandla aims to put consumers’ minds at peace, knowing that the brand their spending their money with aligns with their own values and is actively working towards improving the advancement and treatment of ethnic minorities in industry.

The footwear brand consists of a collection of six items, each named after a female activist. The designs were created after a thorough trend analysis and sustainable materials were considered for footwear as well as packaging. The product journey was trackable back to the manufacturers through a QR code allowing consumers to stay informed of the manufacturers’ social and environmental efforts and the product’s contribution to their own eco-footprint.

The collection was supported by a marketing strategy including frequent networking events, allowing women to meet likeminded individuals and gain new opportunities that may help them advance in their careers.