Victoria Jayne Holland

Victoria Jayne Holland

COURSE: Fashion Business & Promotion 2021


Independent Final Project

Google Able - Digital Accessibility Toolkit : redefining ability, accessibility, inclusivity and identity.

A passionate and committed Fashion Business and Promotion 2021 graduate, proficient in Trends Forecasting, Buying and Merchandising, and PR and Marketing. Ambitious to secure a graduate-level buying career within the fast-pace environment of the mass-market fashion industry, and dedicated to provide for the ever-changing shifts of consumer values and behaviours, particularly those overlooked by international brands. The depth-and-breadth of studying FBP has provided extensive insight into the diversity of the global fashion market, and allowed for the development of a multiplicity of buying specific and transferable skills, including analytical, negotiable and business-minded capabilities, and a drive for creativity utilising Adobe Photoshop, Indesign, Illustrator and XD.

Buying and Merchandising.
A live module launched in collaboration with George at Asda, where a passion for investigating the disabled consumer and adaptive fashion industry was sparked. A functional capsule collection for young physically and mentally disabled girls, based upon mainstream trends and existing adaptive clothing features was designed. After presenting to head buyers at George, a work placement opportunity arose, enhancing an aspiration for a buying role, whilst encouraging greater interest into the disabled fashion sector.

Major Project.
Investigation into how a lack of mass-market adaptive clothing negatively impacts the mental wellbeing of disabled consumers, as being forced to wear a ‘disability uniform’ psychologically results in feelings of ill-health, and discourages able-bodied interaction with the disabled community. Overall, this has resulted in the social exclusion of disabled individuals, with a lack of social participation, and a restriction on sporting involvement obstructing differently-abled individual’s ability to reap the benefits of exercise upon mental wellbeing.

Final Independent Project.
In response to the Major Project, Google Able, a digital accessibility toolkit was designed, and hypothetically formatted within an in-depth business plan. Google Able encourages disabled consumer’s presence within society through “redefining ability, accessibility, inclusivity and identity.” Poor digital and social accessibility has been evidenced to restrict disabled individual’s participation within society, and resultantly, Google Able has been created upon five specialised assistive features; Navigation, Accessibility Review, Online Community, Adaptive Fashion and Digital Fashion, each specifically designed to support disabled individual’s movement throughout society. The creative outcomes of Google Able consist of the digital application, presented to left-hand side, a website visible above, logo design collaboration, brand guidelines and disabled icon creation.