Verity Goodman-King

Verity Goodman-King

COURSE: Fashion Business & Promotion 2021


Verity Goodman-King

Fashion Business and Promotion graduate

I am a Bachelor of Arts with Honours Fashion Business and Promotion graduate, with a creative mind and great commercial awareness. I aspire to work in the fast and exciting environment of marketing.

As shown in the top video, my Independent Final Project formulated a business plan for a new rental company called Sphere. Sphere is a concept for a digital rental platform where customers can rent from premium sustainable brands through Sphere’s website. I have completed other modules covering a large amount of business theory. This included a marketing and PR module in which I flourished in. It taught me techniques on persuasion, sales, segmentation and communication across market sectors. Utilising marketing theories, I developed and executed a marketing and PR strategy, while planning a purposeful social media campaign. This provided a great chance to develop all adobe software skills such as InDesign, Photoshop and Premiere Pro to create an exciting outcome package including both print and digital media.

Being self-motivated and willing to take on new challenges, with a proven track record of going above the brief. The course involved a great deal of independent, organised research, gathering inspiration from WGSN, LSN and being able to scan the environment to forecasted trends. As well as keeping up with the latest trends through social media platforms, a passion of mine is spending time on Instagram, TikTok and watching YouTube to investigate the most recent, upcoming influencers and see what is trending daily across all sectors.

With many modules being group lead, I am able to work well in a team environment. I love collaborating with people as I have strong communication skills and building strong partnerships. For the Independent Final Project, the videos to the sides are of Sphere’s website and social media. I collaborated with two graphic designers to support with digital media. Hannah Brayford assisted with user experience design to construct a clear and concise website build. Nick Pugh designed the logo and I created the social media plan and mock-ups. I am a very determined individual with a set goal to have a career in social marketing.