Vanessa Jane Gott

Vanessa Jane Gott

COURSE: Fashion 2017

Pathway: Fashion Communication 2017

TITLE: Fashion Branding, Marketing, Styling and Events specialist


Having recently completed my degree in Fashion Communications at Birmingham City University (BAhons), I am a creative enthusiast, whether as part of a group or individually. My most advanced skills lie within Adobe creative cloud programmes as well as practical assignments such as fashion styling and event planning. Being awarded the Midlands and North Young Fashion Designer Award 2013 gave me a boost into the industry at the age of 18 through the involvement of graduate shows and associating with professionals in the industry. Since then I have continued to excel in my field, undertaking internships in both New York City and London during my year in industry (2015-2016), and collaborating with numerous creative personalities for my final major project at university, for which I chose to specialize in Brand Management.

Featured Photo: DANTE (Do Anything Necessary To Exist): An independent grunge streetwear brand with whom I collaborated to create and promote their first full collection as part of my Final Major Project.
Video one: Feathers and Thread: An independent festivalwear brand with whom I collaborated as part of my final major project.
Video two: DOTT by Kolbra Einesdottir: A final year design student's graduate collection as part of her new couture and RTW brand launch, also a collaboration for my final major project.

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