Uroos Jamal

Uroos Jamal

Uroos Jamal


Pathway: Design Womenswear 2019


Picture Perfect?

Womenswear Designer and Upcyclist.
Emotions, experiences and stories heard during the journey are the key driving factors for the inspiration. Valuing life and presence of each and every person with the use of culturally rich textiles and techniques that benefit all. By combining modern design solutions along with indigenous techniques which run parallel with the Development Goals for a sustainable future she is trying to create a link between our daily experiences and fashion through clothing.

Final Major Project: Picture Perfect?
'PICTURE PERFECT?' is about the consolation that people find in becoming someone else. People use media for guidance, however, in the process of making themselves different they begin to lose themselves as they are overpowered by the norms and pressure of the society. Responsible consumption through production with judicious use of raw materials along with employment generation forms the foundation for the collection.