Tommi Linton

Tommi Linton



Feed My Style: A style focused platform allowing users to interact with unique content based on their style preferences

A BA (Hons) Fashion Business and Promotion graduate with a keen interest in digital marketing & branding. Throughout my studies I have had the opportunity to explore a multitude of direction, however it is digital design that has drawn my overall interest. I believe I have gained the appropriate skills and software knowledge to qualify me as a suitable candidate for industry. I am a motivated, creative and driven individual who thrives at the chance of learning new skills.


Titled: ‘The Changing Face of Fashion Magazines” my dissertation analysed the effects of modern technology/social media on print media today. In-depth researched allowed me to gain wider knowledge of the past, present and future of this industry and pushed me to explore alternative platforms audiences will turn to within the next decade. The support of primary research carried out within the appropriate consumer group helped me strengthen my research and allowed me to develop the appropriate proposal for my final major project.


As mentioned prior, the research (primary specifically) conducted pushed me toward the idea of an alternative content platform. Feed My Style is a style based app that has been designed to allow users to engage with style focused content such as; podcasts, videos and a virtual stylist, tailored to their specific preferences.

As users download the app, they are required to fill out a form to allow the platform to curate a personalised feed. The introduction of a ‘virtual stylist’ has been established as the apps’ unique selling point, with a recent emergence of this speciality as a trend on Instagram.

The support of a business plan; the appropriate marketing collateral, and the help of industry experts, have strengthened my proposal and helped bring my overall vision to life.

Throughout each of my modules I have been able to grow and develop my skills further and I believe that my Final Major Project was the overall showcase of my growth as it has allowed me push my boundaries and think more freely in terms of reaching my creative limits.