Tiffany Cecily Van Beek

Tiffany Cecily Van Beek

COURSE: Fashion Business & Promotion 2016


TITLE: Cecily

Fashion, the authority to create
Fashion the empowered culture; provides individuals the freedom to express: evokes change and presents opportunities to be anything desired.
Primary and secondary research indicated that women in Britain struggled to find clothes that fitted their body appropriately, this problem inspired the concept of Cecily. Cecily is a fashion retailer inspired by the complexity of the female form. Cecily offers high quality merchandise and personalized service as well as a unique product that is designed and cut to four specific body shapes. Cecily is available in a wide range of sizes, inclusive of in between sizes. The aim of Cecily is to create a shopping environment where women feel comfortable, pampered and stimulated by the wide array of choices that are available to fulfil their needs.
The creation of Cecily was inspired by women and created to make women feel positive about their body and celebrate womanhood

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