Thao Nhu Cappato

Thao Nhu Cappato

COURSE: Fashion Business & Promotion 2018



“A place or state of great happiness; an unspoilt paradise”

A concept brick-mortar store that allows the consumer to recharge, relax and restore. E.DEN is a new naturalistic relaxation experience targeting work-driven consumers, where they can independently relax and refresh themselves in a calming space that aligns with or can be easily included in their regular daily routine.

A BA (Hons) Fashion Business and Promotion graduate that has found a passion and focus on businesses within industry. Realising how much I enjoyed analysing data and trends in order to see their impact on a business, as well as being the finance manager within my events module, I am considering various careers within the banking sector to support businesses with planning and forecasting.

With sleep deprivation and stress costing the UK each year, E.DEN will be looking to influence the health and wellbeing
market sector; They will be offering a service that is not only quickly accessible, but both beneficial to mental and
physical health.
The use of biotechnology, soft furnishings, refreshments and private cubicles will enable E.DEN to create a calm leisure space, which consumers can maximise by paying for the time that they stay.
The consumers can utilise the brand’s omni channels to pre-purchase time, see upcoming or developing services and find out health beneficial information. It will be a brand that encourages the relaxing and recharging process to continue both before and after a consumer enters E.DEN.
Millenials are the ideal consumers for this brand, as they are health conscious, but also spend their disposable income on experiences. As they are reaching the peak of their career time, leisure time during the day has become scarcer, therefore E.DEN has been developed to meet the gap in the market for an accessible way for consumers to genuinely relax without having to book time off work in order to rejuvenate.

This video displays work created for Whistles' following season.
Relative trends and key drivers were analysed in order to see what would suit the brand image and drive interest amongst its' target consumer. Researching and analysing data of the brands' target consumers was also required and important to making the upcoming season product lines, understanding what was suitable and attractive to them in order to meet the needs of the business.

This video displays work of a business plan that would internationalise Hollister to Brazil, a country in which it does not currently have brick-mortar presence (online only).
Researching the history of the business, analysing whether the brand would appeal to potential target consumers in another country was key to ensuring that Hollister not only had a presence in Brazil, but also will gain steady momentum in growth.
Understanding the consumer market in another country was a highlight in the business plan, as considerations of the costs to ensure business growth was taken into account, and weighing up the risks over the potential success the business could achieve.