Thanyarat Lueanglue

Thanyarat Lueanglue

COURSE: Fashion Business & Promotion 2018



"Young or old, loneliness doesn’t discriminate" - Jo Cox

"More than 9 million adults in the U.K. report feeling often or always lonely" (huffingtonpost, 2018)

BA (Hons) Fashion Business and Promotion graduate from Birmingham City University, looking for an oppotunity and aspire to persue a career in creative marketing sector. Throughout the duration of the course, I have gained useful and in-dept knowledge from various sectors across each module that were my strong interests, including, Digital Marketing, Branding, PR, Visual Merchandising, Buying and Events management. From this I have gained extensive, tranferable skills in which allowed further development in my Final Major Project in the final year. Having an innovative mindset throughout the project, showcase strong and creative marketing materials where confidence use of Adobe programs were utilise.

Final Major Project - Pure60+

An extensive study was undertaken through Final Major Project, generated an innovative concept with development of in-dept research from Competition module. Pure 60+ is is a specialise fitness club in partnership with Pure Gym that keeps 60+ consumers physically, mentally and emotionally fit. It is a club to form a community which is there to make an end to loneliness and ensure they feel better about themselves. The key drivers; minister for loneliness; growth in wellness industry and consumer wanting more experiences have shown that there is a need for this concept and that there is an opportunity in the well-being market sector. Mental health is an issue that has a massive stigma in society and being alone will increase this risk.

The club provides book in classes which involves many activities including Ti Chi and Cycling from indoor to outdoor where everyone can be a part of. By attending classes members will get rewarded which this is one of a great way to make them feel valued. Activities are set to encourage this market to challenge themselves and to be able to accomplish it for an achievement to their potential fitness goals.

Detailed and justification of concept through business plan with swot analysis and 4p’s analysis of competitors to demonstrate strong analysis skill. Through primary research, an interview was conducted with Pure Gym Derby Manger for industry insight and guidelines of the concept.Marketing mock ups created via Photoshop and collaboration with graphic designer student to produce a professional Promo video to required standard. Demonstrated and visualised strong brand identity through style guide.
Throughout this project I have discovered my passion for digital marketing and looking to be part of a marketing business.

Videos features -
(Video 1,Top) Final Major Project Business Plan turnover pages.
(Video 2,Left) Marketing materials created by me via Adobe Photoshop.
(Video 3,Right)Promo Video for Pure60+ collaborating with a Graphic Designer student from Cheshire. Ref: Trainors, M. (2018). No Excuses. [youtube] Instrumental. Available at: [Accessed 31 May 2018].