Tessa Olivia Chapman

Tessa Olivia Chapman

COURSE: Fashion Business & Promotion 2016


TITLE: Au-delà

Design that celebrates our sensuous occupation of the built environment, whilst creating more humane design - Joy Molnar
Forward thinking retail design regularly attempts interaction with dulled audiences
Introductory exploration concentrated on how branded spaces connect with and immerse the consumer. In the developing retail landscape, specialised knowledge and cruciality of spacial design affects the performance of a brand and the way it can influence purchasing behaviours, brand interaction and loyalty. This information must span across all channels, wether that is during a digital journey or a physical one. A paradigm is being lead by experience designers with spacial awareness, forging valuable design ideals across industries, demonstrating how the design of a sensational artificial space can have a huge impact on consumers, by exceeding expectations with the express intention of not just increasing sales but promoting wonderful, visionary experiences.

Nevertheless there is a inconsistency in appealing to consumer needs accurately in providing more discoverable experiences in retail design that fulfils and provides substance to every day life, but does not overwhelm or disengage. Retailers may need to be prepared to not be confined to one practise but lean from other industries to flourish in the foreground. This topic is consumer led and these changes are seemingly happening as a result of retailers on the cusp of finding modernised ways to interact on a profound level.

Au-delà is an original business conception formed from the strength of prior research. It is a future forecasting consultancy for spatial design, aiming attention at the discipline of working with people and space. The trend intelligence is distilled into three key areas of spatial design: design for branded spaces, personal living and social and environmental design - focusing on sustainable, responsible environments that enhance the quality of living. The business concept exists to equip it’s consumers with the latest innovative forecasting intelligence to constantly experiment with conceptions for the spatial arena as well as harmonising ingenuity and commerciality in designing productive solutions and spatial strategies to enable brands to stay ahead of rivals.
Tessa Olivia Chapman

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