Terri Ashford

Terri Ashford

Terri Ashford

COURSE: Fashion Business & Promotion 2020


“In search of good ideas, I started to see that marketing underlies everything in modern human culture in the same way that evolution underlies everything in human nature.”  ― Geoffrey Miller, Spent: Sex, Evolution, and Consumer Behavior

Aiming to provide innovative and inimitable research throughout the FB&P modules, a diverse focus on contemporary consumerism resulted in the trend analysis of the sexual- wellness market. A final major project gave an opportunity to explore the topic of eco-sexual consumerism in which primary research discovered the need for sustainable practises within sex paraphernalia brands.

The final major project was designed to analyse the environmental impact of improper waste disposal and if modification within the sex paraphernalia industry is necessary for ecological development. It was concluded that there is lack of interconnectivity between contemporary ecological principles and consumer consumption and disposal of sex paraphernalia. Through the use of sustainable innovation and promotion of sustainable practises, the sex retailing environment could influence a new frontier of eco-sexual consumerism. 

Further trend and market analysis sought the concept for an independent major project focusing on consumer behaviour in connection to physical intimacy, with an objective to develop a brand strategy. Current market drivers such as the loneliness epidemic, sensory retail and the new sexual revolution were used to form a Business Plan for the development of modern sexual wellness brand, ‘Antidote’.

‘Antidote’ is a sexual wellness brand that cultivates the concept of Intimacy by providing a packaged ritual experience in which consumers can mindfully reconnect within a sensory setting. The brand aims to raise awareness of the intimacy deprivation faced in modern society and provide a new form of mindful interaction. The products will connect to the modern conscious consumer by consideration of sustainability, with products that will expand the eco-sexuality movement within sex paraphernalia industry.

The project consisted of a collaboration for the 3D graphic design and development of a sensory unisex Adult Toy. Incorporating a 12-month marketing strategy detailed the target market and consumer, resulting in the discovery of a new millennial consumer tribe. It was concluded that intimacy would be significant within future consumerism as modern society craves for mindful interaction and holistic experiences.

Terri Ashford hopes to pursue a career within Marketing and Brand Communications as a Creative Director.