Taylor Samantha Lewis

Taylor Samantha Lewis

COURSE: Fashion 2018

Pathway: Fashion Communication 2018


Made in Wales

Because lingerie is hidden does not mean it should be forgotten

Taylor Lewis lingerie targets women of ALL sizes, high street price but high end quality. Handcrafted in Wales.

Initial research began when researching welsh designers, influences, materials, crafts and other traditionally welsh attributes. This laid the foundation for this spring/summer 2018 collection. Weaving patterns, prints and hand embroidery work has emerged from welsh crafts, welsh artists and welsh photography. The aim for the collection was for each piece to have a handmade and craft like feel, and not like it was mass produced. One of the main focuses of this collection was to modernize Wales. To recognize the target market and to be sure this collection would appeal to them. Taking inspiration from lingerie reports, the silhouettes will remain current and youthful making this brand trend driven and perfect to showcase the traditional side of Wales through fashion.