Tashika Carty

Tashika Carty

COURSE: Fashion Business & Promotion 2017


TITLE: Hair 4 You


"The reality is virgin hair is more expensive than gold and there's no doubt exploitation goes on."
"There is so much secrecy in the hair industry about how hair is harvested, processed and how It ends up on your head."
Studying a BA Hons in Fashion Business and Promotion, enabled me as an individual to develop invaluable skills towards launching a hairdressing brand and adapting myself on the market as a freelance hairstylist. Throughout my dissertation and FMP I decided to align my business endeavours within my final year work, researching thoroughly into a specific area around the 'Hair & Beauty' industry, that I am much familiar with.

My portfolio explores a new business concept idea targeted towards the ‘hair and beauty sector’, as a market gap for a new organisation ‘Hair4you’ has been identified. This is due to the UK importing more than £50 million worth of human hair extensions annually, placing them as the 3rd largest hair importer after the US and China, it has been identified that the specific hair extensions fuelling this financial growth is 'Virgin Hair’, known for being the best human hair extensions available on the market due to its longevity and quality.

There is a continuous demand for ‘Virgin hair’ amongst women within the Western market, leaving hair manufacturers at a position where there isn’t enough bundles to fuel the industry’s rising demand. This results in vendors being desperate in obtaining more hair, where cases has arisen towards unethical sourcing of women forced to part with their hair unwillingly. Virgin hair is 100% real authentic human hair taken directly from a female donors head, normally sourced from overseas economically deprived countries.

These unfair unethical cases are the reason and influence towards the ‘Hair4you’ organisation, The organisation aims to build awareness towards western consumers hoping to make them more conscious towards the industry, where British women will be able to donate their unwanted virgin hair extensions, these will then be recycled into high quality wigs. The main focal point of the organisation is to donate wigs free of charge to females less fortunate, who suffer a great deal from hair loss due to illnesses. The organisation will also further its target consumer, enabling women who do not suffer from hair loss, the opportunity to purchase high quality wigs at affordable prices in comparison to market competitors. 'Hair4You' is an advocate of turning unethical issues into positive solutions.

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