Tara Ellen McReynolds

Tara Ellen McReynolds

COURSE: Fashion Business & Promotion 2020


Fashion Business and Promotion graduate 2020, highly-motivated and enthusiastic with a willingness to learn and develop skills in a working environment, eager to join a workforce that is ethos driven. Interested in the marketing, buying and events industry, with experience as a Wholesale Admin Assistant at FCUK, Marketing and Pr Intern at Clarion Events, Events Manager at NH Promotions and Digital Marketing Intern for several companies.

The Major Project focused on how activists can influence change society to be sustainable; analysing how society has failed and progressed to tackle sustainability in the fashion industry. “73% of people believe influencers are somewhat responsible for the rise in fast fashion." Therefore, there is a need for these figures to influence peoples’ perceptions to be sustainable rather than promote throw-away fashion.

Final Major Project took this to a grander scale, creating a social media platform that is geared towards promoting greener ideals to the masses. The Instagreen campaign will make Instagram the first mass market social media platform that has a dedicated entity to support and encourage businesses, influencers and consumers to be greener focused.

Introducing innovative changes; Green tick verification for brands and influencers, Transparency Links, algorithms to increase reach of green accounts and incentives for brands to promote through Instagreen platform. Transparency, sustainability, honesty and ethos at the forefront of the platforms’ future goals.

I developed skills in Photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator, as well as communication and negotiating skills, collaborating with graphic designers to create visuals, learnt how to effectively communicate my ideas. Also, having to reach out to business professionals such as Marketing teams for companies such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to ensure the business plan, costs and strategy is realistic. I really enjoyed these modules, focusing on topics I am passionate about and could proudly demonstrate that companies can be sustainable and profitable.

I believe using university studies to learn about sustainability is crucial, as undoubtedly there will have to be a great shift in business ideals going forward to ensure the fashion industry’s success and I am keen to be part of these steps to create a greener industry.