Tanesia Walters-Turner

Tanesia Walters-Turner



Do the youth have a voice? - Kids Play

This collection of work shown was created by myself during my final major project. The overall FMP project had originated from my dissertation that was based around young people.
I am a recent graduate from Birmingham City University, during my time at university I had studied Fashion Business and Promotion BA (Hons). I am looking to pursue a long-term career in Human Resources. Although I have 5 years plus within customer service, however, previously to completing my bachelor’s degree I had completed a course in business studies which I enjoyed which allowed me to gain some knowledge in human resources whilst on the course.

‘Do the Youth Have A Voice?’
The overall aim of the dissertation was to explore if young people had enough support to be successful in life.
Current affairs that were discussed were the crime rates that had increased dramatically within England by 22% which I also found had affected low income communities as they are struggling to tackle the affect of knife crime, in addition to looking at current affairs that had affected the whole of the UK such as the London riots. Furthermore, Race was also looked upon to identify how black males felt and if they believed they were subject to scrutiny from the metropolitan police which could also create psychological long-term effects that could continue into adulthood, in addition to young black males feeling negatively against the police.
Youth Clubs have tremendously been decreased by £39 million in the past seven years which could also affect young people wellbeing long term as they grow into adulthood. Overall the different issued discussed in the dissertation was highlighted to identify how young people may be affected by the current affairs in England.
This dissertation helped to establish a subject that was continued into my final major project to potentially help young people.
Kids Play
Kids Play was created to allow young people aged 5-11 the ability to have the support that they need through various activities such as workshops, mentoring services and activity books. Kids Play not only provided a service for young people but also aimed to help parents be more involved in their child’s wellbeing. Mock-ups were provided to give an idea of the type of activities that will take place within each workshop, in addition to the website that will be used to book the company for workshops and events.