Tanesha Stewart

Tanesha Stewart

COURSE: Fashion Business & Promotion 2017


TITLE: Still


" The slow movement is a world wide movement to recapture the state of connectedness "
" Minimalism can help you live a better life: it can help you live more and need less " - minimalismlife

Consumer research
Consumers today are ethical motivated and conscious of how their shopping decisions impact society, they are seeking out ways to make positive decisions about what to buy, as they realise the negative impact consumption is having on our world. With current consumption rates at record breaking levels theses consumers search for mindfulness and meaning in their everyday lives. Exploring customer’s needs further highlighted that the pace of society is concerning consumers and this is leading to trends such as the slow movement emerging. The biggest luxury brands are taking more of seasonless approach to their collections and brands are having to be more environmental friendly. The brand ‘Still’ evolved from this research, an honest, minimal brand that delivers slow designs and operates a simplistic, sustainable online model.

Still is an online clothing brand dedicated to life in the slow lane and is representative of a brand cultural shift to inspire consumers to wear slow designs and live a meaningful lifestyle. The brands mission is to educate consumers of the many benefits of a minimalistic way of living through inspiring blogs, reflections of the week and outfits of the day. The ‘Still’ collections consist of seven essential wardrobe pieces that are launched four times a year, from contemporary colour ways that flow from season to season. The brands positioning in the market place will focus primarily on older millennials and younger generation X consumers due to their interest into buying less and buying better.

Finder of opportunities, critical thinker and a problem solver.
With six years retail experience and a Fashion Business and Promotion degree, this has provided keen interest and the necessary skills to seek a career with a progressive organisation that provides an opportunity to capitalise those abilities in trend and consumer behavior research.

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