Tammy Leigh Barratt

Tammy Leigh Barratt

COURSE: Fashion 2016

Pathway: Fashion Communication 2016

TITLE: Amour-Propre

The image that concerns most people, is the reflection they see in other peoples minds.
Sometimes the hardest part of the journey, is believing you're worth the trip
Self-Worth is something many people struggle with, when a person can't see themselves as worthy as other people see them. This FMP was a way to show how and why people may feel this way, looking into psychological studies that may determine what goes on in a persons mind when they start having these doubt. The designs were inspired by the idea of people wanting to express themselves without being judged, designing a collection that would show both sides of a persons mind, the idea that they want to be expressive, with the bright pastel colors but also worrying that people will judge them for doing so which then brings in the heavy oversized knit. The idea of glitching the final collection shows the imperfections that occur but how these imperfections make a person who they are. For the collection itself, I decided create a sister-brand from the small concession Rare London, creating a brand that would be seen on a larger scale and would be able to appeal to a larger audience.

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