Talisha Fiaz

Talisha Fiaz

Talisha Fiaz

COURSE: Foundation in Fashion and Textiles 2021

Signature Project


My narrative for this project was Women's empowerment in Pakistan and I have called this project “Aurat” which means woman in Urdu.
Being a British Pakistani, I am aiming to raise awareness about gender equality in Pakistan - a country where many of its people do not have much knowledge on this topic, where women from marginalized social classes face multiple challenges. By looking at the individuals who helped to bring about changes for women, I want to produce a garment that will get people talking and will raise awareness about the situation. Whilst talking about this heavy topic, I aim to show the beautiful aspect of Pakistani culture too.

I will conduct research on the women activists present in Pakistan and the designers who have dedicated their collections to women and will look at the patterns incorporated in mosques and henna and utilize them in my garment to tell a story through bright colours and glimmer with an Eastern feel. By being able to visually communicate this, it will help demonstrate that fashion can be used to make a statement.

Progression: BA Hons Textile Design