Tahseen Kauser

Tahseen Kauser



Events Management

The Mad Hatters Gin Tasting event in aid of St Basils Charity Birmingham

Graduating with a BA (Hons) Fashion Business and Promotion degree from Birmingham City University. My passion within the fashion industry lies within the Events Management sector, as I love the preparation and the whole excitement around planning and organising the event.
Throughout my time at University my passion for the business side and creative side has grown I got to learn a lot of new adaptable skills such as using the Adobe creative cloud package, working in a team and independently. The videos are a collection of some of my creative outcomes that I created whilst at university, including Events Management and Final Major Project.

Events Management
This module we worked in a team of eight and each member was assigned a role and we had to work together and create a live event. In order to raise money for the event we had to do several fundraising events and from all the money raised we then put it towards our final live event which a Alice in Wonderland themed Gin tasting event. My role in the team was the Venue liaison manager, it was my job to find a suitable venue in which our event could take place, making sure it was within our budget. As well as looking for the venue I helped out with the fundraising events so that we could raises as much money as we can for the charitable organisation. In the end our team raised a whopping £985 for St basils.

Final Major Project
There’s a rise experiential retail as consumers are now looking for more experiences rather than materialistic things, therefore I created and experiential retail space for John Lewis called the Experiential Hub which includes two features, the first is a virtual mirror that would be fitted in the changing rooms for both Womenswear and Menswear.
The second feature is a Personalisation zone, where customers could go and personalise there’s bags, shoes and jewellery by adding their initials or names. Both these features would ad that touch which would invite the millennial generation in to John Lewis stored as they want something that they are able to interact with and this new Experiential Hub is a great way for customers to come into stores.

Event Video:
Videographer - Tomek Zontek
Editor - Carla Mills