Suraiya Gazra

Suraiya Gazra

Suraiya Gazra

COURSE: Foundation in Fashion and Textiles 2020

Signature Project

Flower Power

This project is focused on the flower power movement from the 1960s and 1970s, as a political movement protesting against war and violence in favour of peace and unity - illustrated through flowers as their weapons.

I will be designing a range of garments and prints inspired by the flower power movement. My goal is to get across the message behind it and to show the big role it has within nature and society during the 60s and 70’s. The floral concept will portray beauty, peace, tranquillity and unity with the intention of stopping violence and war. Flower power still has an impact today, I want to show how protesting and coming together to create peace, using nature as a source of weaponry.