Stevie Newton – Jones

Stevie Newton – Jones

COURSE: Fashion Business & Promotion 2018




A Community For Change

More and more consumers are looking at ways they can help the animals, environment and themselves. A rises in vegan lifestyles and a fall in plastic use displays a growing conscience from society. Suddenly, we’ve got what we put in our body and what our body uses covered, so what about what we put on our body? Our skin is the largest organ, absorbing products faster than what consuming could, yet we still aren’t aware what’s in the products we put on our skin? How would you feel knowing that the ingredient in your deodorant that stops you perpetrating is aluminium? Or the ingredient in your foundation which makes for a smooth application is plastic? Thinking about all those cosmetics you put on your skin every day, whit ingredients that you can’t even pronounce, sinking into your blood flow can seem quite daunting. But, ‘it’s just the way it is’.

As a consumer it feels as there’s not way of getting away from it without having to do copious amount of research from serval sources and finding new products to replace old through various shops and websites. Not to mention what people will say when you tell them that your adapting a more ethical lifestyle. Luckily, Virtue does the hard work for you.

Virtue is a four part website with a priority for community. Virtue realizes reading up on different ingredients and how they affect you can be time consuming and sometimes bland, which is why the first section allows you find out different pieces of information all in one place with modern language and to the point data, so you don’t feel that your studying for an exam.

‘Are some products better than others?’, ‘Is this ingredient bad, I can’t remember?’ or ‘there’s no ingredients list for this product’ are all common questions that are asked when transitioning to a more ethical cosmetic approach. Luckily, Virtue has you covered. With the second section of the site being a rate system for an array products, both ethical and non-ethical. Infographics are used to look at the information at a glance so you know how ethical something just by searching it.

To save time on shopping about the third section is an online store hosting a range of cosmetic products in one place, making it a one stop shop for anybody who’s already committed to an ethical lifestyle or looking to try.

The final section of the site is the place where a community really comes together. An online forum where users can ask any quires in aid of help from other users. Where ethical beauty veterans can give advice on tips and tricks they’ve learnt across the way. A place where you can up load reviews though words, photos and even your own video tutorial. Most importantly, it’s a place to connect with like-minded people and help make a change.

Virtues aim isn’t to preach or make you feel bad, but to help you incorporate a more ethical outlook as easy as possible – the smaller steps make the biggest change.